Grow Startup with These Paid Marketing Strategies

Adnan Umar
5 min readAug 10, 2022


While running a startup, you can’t on your organic marketing efforts to add to your startup’s growth, particularly when investors are right on their toes. What they need is exponential growth. That is where paid marketing comes in. Use it admirably and you obtain instant results for your efforts.

Paid marketing is known to bring results for practically a wide range of campaigns. Whether selling calfskin coats, nearby planet groups, or rockets, you can sell anything instantly utilizing paid channels.

Truth be told, digital media experts accept that paid marketing is the future of digital marketing. One strategy totally changes how organizations market their products to a target audience.

Paid Marketing

Paid marketing, otherwise called digital advertising is an advertising model in which promoters straightforwardly target the consumers based on their interests or intent.

It is additionally separated into social and searches marketing, both having their own configuration of advertisement.

At the point when you do advertising on a search engine, it is called search engine marketing. At the point when you do it on social media, it is called social media marketing. What’s more, when you do it on different websites, it is displayed marketing, native advertising, or even sponsored posts.

There are many advertising platforms for paid marketing that incorporate yet are not restricted to Google Ads, Bing Ads and Yahoo Ads for search engines and Facebook Ads, and Pinterest Ads for social media platforms.

Why You Should Focus on Paid Marketing?

Paid marketing is known for instant results. Startups can hardly stand by three to a half years to get sales. They are searching for early traction and fast results so they can alter their strategies if necessary. That is where figuring out paid marketing strategy can help startups.

Understanding this concept with the assistance of an example is better:

Suppose you own an eCommerce store. Presently, to be aware in the event that individuals are really interested in your foundation, rather than zeroing in on SEO to rank for various keywords and afterward get conversions, you should run a couple of tests with paid marketing campaigns just to check what type of results you get, and how to change your campaigns to move in the right direction. You can call it the ‘loosening things up’ concept for audience familiarization.


There is a misconception among most entrepreneurs about SEO and SEM. They feel that both are exactly the same thing. Nonetheless, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is tied in with upgrading your site to rank it higher organically in SERPs.

The accentuation here is on ‘organic.’ On the other hand, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is tied in with advertising your brand on the search engine. You will be given one of the main four advertisement spaces when you promote. This type of advertising is likewise called PPC marketing.

Likewise, the third concept connects with Social Media Marketing (SMM) which assists you with helping sales through social media. You target individuals who are dynamic on a social media stage by supporting products with the goal that they appear on their screens. SMM is profoundly powerful for impulse purchases.

Plan a Paid Campaign for Your Startup

You can’t begin a paid marketing effort by essentially adding a budget to the stage and promoting the content. You will initially need to design a strategy for the mission and afterward test its results. This is the way you can design your paid marketing strategy.

Set Goal

Defining a goal is essential for achieving your purpose. Without a goal, the business will be clueless about the number of sales it that necessities to turn into a profitable startup.

That is the reason in business, accountants, and finance experts sit together to develop goals that they can undoubtedly accomplish. However, since startups don’t necessarily in every case have experts available, the startup founders can define their own goals to arrive at benefits sooner.

Define Your Audience

Whenever you have defined your goal, select a target audience to which you can market your products.

How about we return to the goal that we have set previously?

We need to sell 1,000 pairs of jeans for $2,000 with a Cost Per Conversion (CPC) cost of $2 as it were. For now, we will search for an important audience to sell jeans.

On most paid platforms, one can undoubtedly search for a comparable audience by selecting pages of their competitors. For example, we can choose our audience by selecting ‘Denim,’ ‘Levi’s,’ and ‘Wrangler.’

When you have the audience chosen, the subsequent stage is to search for a stage where you can track down this type of audience.

Selecting Platforms

Beneficially, the type of audience we are searching for is available on both social media platforms and search engines. Yet, we will choose Facebook as our medium since it has a wide range of audience segments and will furnish us with sufficient space to play with.

It is pertinent to specify here that distinguishing platforms for marketing products is essential for little and huge eCommerce stores. Since without having the right channel for marketing, paid marketers can undoubtedly burn their budget. This can have grim consequences ranging from gridlock in a startup’s operations to even bankruptcy.


While this might look obvious, experimentation is the way into marketing practice. Startups normally stop experimentation when they have figured out the perfect balance and can scale their avenues. Yet, a perfect balance won’t necessarily stay thusly.

We have numerous examples to impart to you. One of the most discussed examples is dropshipping. At the point when Facebook began advertisements on its foundation, it was not difficult to target anybody. You might target a specific person through Facebook advertisements by utilizing their interests.

Yet, later, Facebook restricted interest-based selection and presently it has turned into much harder to target an audience based on interests.

Presently, what used to be a perfect balance isn’t so sweet any longer. Consequently, marketers need to continuously experiment with better approaches for contacting their ideal audience. You can do this by selecting an alternate audience, evolving elements, age, or in any event, tracking down a totally new market.

You should move toward paid marketing for startups very much as you do a standard online advertising effort for a digital organization. The main contrast is that you will be beginning without any preparation so there will be a precarious expectation to learn and adapt.

Try not to surrender.

With time and experimentation, you will become familiar with the mysteries of the exchange to increment sales rapidly and without any problem.

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