Google Cloud Partners With BNB Chain to Provide Web 3 Startup Infrastructure

Adnan Umar
3 min readSep 16, 2022


The Internet has developed over the long haul with each phase introducing significant human civilization-defining innovations. Web3 is one of the current waves that is changing the way in which we utilize the internet, assemble products, and own digital assets.

James Tromans of Google Cloud said that Web3 carries optionality and decisions to users. Users presently have more rights to pick how they need to manage their digital assets. Web3 underscores ownership for everyone.

In any case, to drive more adoption of Web3, James explained that more developer activities are required. These developers are responsible for making products alongside other tech professionals that are usable. Furthermore, Google cloud needs to be important for the process of adoption.

Google Cloud can serve Web3 developers

The experience and long stretches of infrastructure built by Google in Web2 is a decent beginning stage yet won’t be sufficient to fulfill the necessities of developers.

Because of this situation, Google Cloud comes modestly to the Web3 space. There’s a ton they don’t be aware of. Google Cloud is here to learn, listen, and comprehend what devs are constructing so they can help them assemble faster and safer apps.

We want to make Google Cloud a great place for Web3 developers to build

James Tromans

One of the significant aspects James featured is that Google Cloud will help in off-chain data analysis. Google Cloud has the infrastructure that will help developers manage data analysis off-chain without disrupting their work.

James further emphasized that to be sure, Google Cloud brings a great deal to the table to the Web3 space and as the Google Cloud team learns more about the technology, more services will be made to serve the Web3 ecosystem.


Binance’s smart contract blockchain platform (BNB Chain) has partnered with Google Cloud to support Web3 and blockchain startups.

Startups that are currently assembling products and services on the BNB Chain blockchain can likewise expand on Google Cloud’s scalable, secure and open source infrastructure.

This will see north of 1,300 active, BNB Chain-based decentralized applications (DApps) from the universe of decentralized finance (DeFi), Metaverse, blockchain games, and nonfungible tokens given access to the tools and infrastructure given by the two platforms.

These activities can likewise utilize Google Cloud for data encryption and on-demand analysis of on-chain data in real time. A key focus point is giving the platform to developers and ventures access to carbon-neutral cloud infrastructure to scale offerings.

What is Web 3.0 and why is it significant?

The association will likewise work with access to the Google for Startups Cloud Program to explicit Web3 builders from the BNB Chain ecosystem. This incorporates projects that have been recognized for the BNB Chain’s Most Valuable Builder (MVB) Accelerator initiative.

The Google for Startups Cloud Program awards Google Cloud credits yearly for as long as 2 years to help early-stage organizations layout and develop their ventures.

Web3 builders will actually want to connect with Google Cloud Startup Success team members and the company’s technical subject matter experts across data management, data investigation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and zero trust security. Web3 developer workshops, as well as Google Cloud training and certifications, will likewise be accessible to participants.

The BNB Chain was made in February 2022 through the amalgamation of the BNB Beacon Chain and BNB Smart Chain. The blockchain network is Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible, considering multichain ecosystem development.

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